Monday, 25 June 2012

My secret super snack

I heart almonds

I can reveal to you, my fail-safe super snack has to be almonds.

If I'm feeling peckish before or after lunch I grab a small handful of this sexy little nut.

I also carry them around with me on my Oxford st appointments, to keep me going and stop me snacking on the bad stuff.

I've always found them filling and tasty, so after reading about the many benefits I gain from eating them I pretty much eat them every day

Want to know the benefits of an almond?

There's no cholesterol in these brown babies, reducing the risk of heart disease

They're rich in protein and fiber, proving to keep you fuller for longer

Being rich in monounsaturated fat they stabilise your blood sugar levels, which will, in turn aid the loss of unwanted belly fat

The healthy fats in almonds are good for shiny hair and glowing complexion

I challenge you to swap your mid-morning or late afternoon snack for a handful of almonds and see what difference they make after one week.

Top tip, don't over do it and eat more than 20 per day, remember my 'big diet secret' it's all about balance.

FYI, it's two packs for £2.50 at M&S.


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