Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Big Fat Diet Secret

Now pay attention, girls.

I'm going to reveal the secret to losing those unwanted pounds.

It's actually quite obvious and simple.

You see, the secret is that there isn't a secret.

I'll be the first to admit I've read pretty much every diet book going in hope to discover the big secret to losing weight efficiently, maintaining it and basically eating my way to Miranda Kerr's body.

I've munched on mackerel, cottage cheese and a boiled egg for lunch and survived on a chicken breast and yogurt for dinner thanks to Mr Dukan. Yes, I did successfully shed half a stone in two weeks and yes, I did regain half stone (and more) one month later. See my point?

I've spun my ass off, and then rewarded my efforts with a gigantic double chocolate chip cookie. 'I totally burned 500 calories in that spin class and the cookie was only 364 cals...!' Sound familiar?

So, girls, here's the plan:
- Put down the Dukan manual, you're not going to find a weight loss secret in there.
- Forget about rewarding yourself with naughty treats after exercise.
- Get out of the frame of mind that X amount of time spent exercising equals X amount of calories, it won't get you anywhere.
- Actually forget about the calories altogether.

Instead, start thinking healthy. Good healthy food is an excellent start. Add exercise to that and you're on to a sure thing.

It's all about balance.

And, like I always do, listen to Mummy Sprowson. 'Too much of one thing is bad for us,' she says. That goes for pretty much everything: exercise, dieting, chocolate, even spinach!

I'm pooped after shooting a fashion story for Now magazine today, so please excuse my fleeting visit but I promise I'll be back with (1)healthy tips from the personal trainers at the Sexy and the City
bootcamp, (2) where and how I exercise and (3) lots of healthy recipes ideas.


  1. I read Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight and he talks about the same thing. It is all about balance and listening to your own body and huger. He says that you need to really understand whether you are REALLY TRULLY hungry...or are you just bored and want to go to the fridge just because you have nothing else to do. I just wish it was so easy to start listening to your own body :) I need to start trying

  2. If you can't tempt yourself away from the fridge, then when you do go in the fridge chose something healthier - anything from cherry tomatoes to celery!