Monday, 4 June 2012

Keep Calm and Carry on Being Healthy

So this five day weekend (I had Friday off too) has resulted in a lot of over indulgence.

Drinking excessively at a dinner party is compulsory as is eating a starter, main course and dessert, not forgetting second helpings.

Well I did make it all so it would be rude not to eat it!

So yesterday to make up for my naughty night, I jumped on my bike and cycled to the Chelsea Bridge to watch the Queen on her flotilla.

All in all we rode for three hours and notched up 15 miles of cycling, good huh? Bearing in mind my Pimm's induced hangover.

Our two bikes: Union Jack and Union Jill

On my return instead of filling my face with another slice of my Berry British Baked Cheesecake (which I so easily could have devoured). I reverted back to my clean and lean way of eating and treated myself to a Beautiful Berry Yoghurt Bowl.

This is an example of the balance I mentioned in My Big Fat Diet Secret, everyone wants to and should indulge sometimes but the key to this is to return to a healthier way of eating the following day or your next meal.

Don't see it as a fail but as a treat!

Berry delicious

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