Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wearing: Holly Willoughby's actual £2300 dress

Do you rate Willoughby's busty dress?
So what were your initial thoughts on Holly Willoughby's lace dress on The Voice a couple of weeks ago?

My immediate reaction was: 'Wowzer, look at Holly's Willoughboobies!'

There they were, like two little dumplings squished together. Not that that's a bad thing, Holly looked super hot.

The sexy presenter sure knows how to flaunt that stunning hourglass figure. The Chantilly Suzanne Neville lace dress fitted in all the right places with a sexy plunging neckline, fitted body skirt and nipped-in waist.

Intrigued by the super flattering dress, I speed-dialled Suzanne Neville HQ and sweet-talked them into sending over Holly's exact dress to see, well, how it would look on me!
Squealing with delight I slipped on the curve-hugging, bust-revealing frock that actually still smelt of the Willoughby's perfume.

Admittedly, I had to pull it in at the back to fit my size ten frame and slipped in some chicken fillets in a weak attempt to achieve a full-er bust and - voilà - Holly Willoughby eat your heart out.

My verdict: the tight fitting frock felt amazing, it clung to every curve that I owned but in the flattering contouring way, not a bumpy lumpy way.

The only change I'd make is I'd wear it shorter.

Do you want to feel like a million dollars and have over two grand to spare?

Then you must invest in this body-con dream, otherwise my advice is to enter Now's exclusive competition to win the dress in your own size.